Adult Sunday School

The following classes are available on Sundays at 9:15 a.m. this fall:

Retrieval: Recovering Our Roots

In the past 20 years, Christian thinkers have become more and more aware that the way into the future is through the past, learning from the traditions of the early church and the Reformation. This class will explore the various ways we can reconnect with our roots to grow the church of the future. Taught by Keith Kirchartz in the Sanctuary, September 8 - October 27 (8 sessions).

Family Ministry Book Discussion

Join the Family Ministry Team for a discussion of all-things-home-related, from the ups and downs of married life, to the joys and challenges of raising kids, to the place of technology in the modern family. Led by Dan Daly and Donna Evans in the Library. 

The following topics will be our focus:

  • The Domestic Church - Cultivating the Faith at Home, September 15 - October 27 (7 sessions)
  • The Tech-Wise Family (Andy Crouch), November 3 - December 15 (7 sessions)